Eboracum Response

Eboracum Security provide a key holding & Alarm Response service to businesses in York.
We know that Securing your premises and staff out of hours or when your property is vacant can be a big concern for business owners.

We can provide a professional Key Holding service that protects your staff and business from unnecessary risk, costs and inconvenience.
Our response plan is tailor made to meet your requirements and give you peace of mind.

Our customers include high profile business, high value assets, accountants, solicitors, doctors surgeries, government buildings and museums

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24/7 Call-Out Service

Our responders are on call 24/7 and are trained to deal incidents or situations they may come across.
Alarms activate for various reasons such as fallen display stock, wind blowing doors, criminal damage to window(s) or an actual intruder.

We understand alarm systems and make a dynamic risk assessment based on the information we receive. For example, if we receive information that there is more than one sensor activation, it is highly likely that there is an actual intruder therefore we attend as a pair and alert the Police.

Once on scene we can arrange services such as boarding up, contacting nominated person(s) or even remain on site until it opens if necessary.


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