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Eboracum: First in the UK to achieve CCTV accreditation

Eboracum UK Ltd is the first Private Security firm to achieve  surveillance camera code of practice accreditation.

The code of practice, issued by the UK Secretary of state is intended to ensure that individuals and wider communities have confidence that public body surveillance cameras are deployed to protect and support them, rather than spy on them.
Eboracum's procedures, privacy impact assessment and processes were audited by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection board) who in turn recommended certification to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner.

The audit was based on the companies use of Body Worn CCTV cameras.  Body Worn CCTV is across the business for a number of reasons. It helps to reduce conflict, demonstrate transparency, prevent false allegations and can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Carl Nickson, Director of Eboracum UK  said 

Although accreditation is voluntary, I feel that it is important to demonstrate a transparent and compliant approach to the use of CCTV. We are leading from the front as the first Security Company to achieve this accolade and I hope that others will follow. Achieving this accreditation outlines that even small-medium businesses can put privacy, compliance and transparency high on the agenda.  

Eboracum UK has taken steps to ensure that their Body worn CCTV systems operate within a legal framework and meet the standards of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's code of practice. 

The company has published their policy and privacy impact assessment online. Please use the buttons below to download the relevant documents.   

All queries relating to Ebroacum's use of Body Worn CCTV should be directed to Carl Nickson -

More information about the Surveillance Camera Commissioner Code of Practice:

Eboracum Taxi Marshals launched in York

A partnership project…

The York Business Improvement District (BID) is partnering with York Hackney Carriage Association, Guildhall Ward Committee and Dean Court Hotel to launch a taxi marshal service that will operate from the Duncombe Place taxi rank on Friday and Saturday nights, 11pm to 4am.

The new programme, which sees Marshals employed by Eboracum UK Ltd launches this Friday (16th June 2017), aims to curb anti-social behaviour and control noise levels in the neighbourhood by using taxi marshals to manage an efficient, orderly queue service and report any activity that requires local authority attention.

The programme will run for 25 weeks with two marshals on duty, both who will be Security Industry Authority (SIA) and first-aid trained and have radio communication with the police and local partners.

Simon Murphy, General Manager, Dean Court Hotel; ‘Our guests and the quality of their experience is our number one priority. With the ongoing concern of noise control outside the hotel’s rooms during the weekend nights, this programme will enable an effective taxi queue service and help our business and neighbouring businesses deliver the very best visit for our customers.’

The York Hackney Carriage Association proposed the taxi marshal project and have been working with the York BID after hearing concerns from both residents and businesses and reviewing similar schemes used in other cities which successfully reduced incidents of anti-social behaviour. The cost to run the programme at Duncombe Place will be sponsored by the BID, Guildhall Ward Committee, York Hackney Carriage Association and Dean Court Hotel.

‘We feel the taxi rank is appropriately placed and should absolutely continue operating, but after years of low-level complaints from local residents and businesses, the committee agreed that the best course of action would be to better manage the queue with people on the ground, ‘ Cllr Janet Looker, who represents Guildhall Ward Committee.

According to Saf Din, Chairman of York Hackney Carriage Association, the Duncombe Place rank contributes to over 50% of weekend business. As a popular location for many of the city’s residents, the programme is an opportunity to manage the crowds in the queue in a more organised and safer environment.

Andrew Lowson, Executive Director of the York BID says, ‘By working together, we are able to roll out a programme that works in the best interests of all involved. The marshals will address matters raised by local businesses, the residents and taxi association and offer a solution that improves a specific area in the BID which we can eventually offer to other taxi ranks throughout the city if necessary. Overall, this will positively contribute to our commitment, which is shared with the partners, to deliver a vision of a safer York for all who visit, live, work and study here.’

Eboracum Support Lifestyle 2017 – North Yorkshire Police

Eboracum – Safety and Security Challenge

Eboracum is sponsoring a challenge in the North Yorkshire Police Lifestyle 2017 Campaign. Eboracum's challenge is the Safety and Security Challenge and is based on raising security and safety awareness to vulnerable people in the community.

This summer North Yorkshire Police are again running their popular Lifestyle Challenge competition which is open to all 10 – 17 year olds who are resident in York or North Yorkshire. Challenge results are judged by a panel and the winning teams win fantastic prizes.

Carl Nickson, Director of Eboracum said "Campaigns like this, orgnised by public organisations are highly credible and it was an honour to be asked to have our brand associated with it by sponsoring a challenge. The competition encourages young people to get involved with community projects and demonstrates the importance of partnership working early on in life."

Vangarde Shopping Park supports local business after appointing York-based firm Eboracum Group.

A busy York-based shopping park has appointed locally-based Eboracum for its security and cleaning services after a competitive tender process.

Vangarde Shopping Park has appointed the firm based in Castlegate, York, which has a proven track record locally in providing security, business support and traffic management services. The appointment comes after the shopping park put its services out to tender nationally.

The firm prides itself in employing local people who are familiar with the local area, as well as supporting local businesses. Starting on 1st April 2017, the provision sees the delivery of a range of services at the shopping park including H&S checks, cleaning, security and maintaining a safe & secure experience for all.

Carl Nickson, Director of Eboracum said: “It is very pleasing to win a local contract for a vibrant retail destination which people hold in high regard. Vangarde Shopping Park is renowned for its high-quality shopping offer and we are delighted to provide our services to further ensure the customers’ shopping experience is safe and enjoyable. After being part of a rigorous tender process, it is great to be able to support another local business and see two York businesses join together for the benefit of the community.”

Vangarde Shopping Park has John Lewis, Next and Marks and Spencer as its three main retailers, with a range of food outlets also on site.

Deborah O’Donnell, Centre Manager for Vangarde Shopping Park, said: “We are always looking to ensure that the Vangarde experience is the best that it can be for all customers. We feel that Eboracum is best placed to ensure that experience remains at the quality that ourselves, and our customers, expect. We are also pleased to support a local business which has a great reputation for the services it provides in York – which in turn will support local jobs for our community.”

Eboracum Street Rangers begin patrolling in York

Eboracum Street Rangers begin patrolling in York

Eboracum BID Rangers

The York Business Improvement District (York BID) is rolling out its new Rangers programme to the York city centre. York BID is partnering with Eboracum Security who will fill the Ranger roles with their professionally trained staff who have experience of working in similar capacities within the city centre.

Rangers will be easy to spot in their highly visible uniforms and will be positioned throughout the BID area, which includes the city centre streets, Fossgate, Gillygate, Walmgate and Micklegate.

They will work with city partners and take a friendly approach to deter anti¬social behaviour or disorderly conduct and act as a reassuring presence to curtail potential crime. Rangers will also serve as a welcoming presence, available to give information and assistance to residents and visitors to the city.

They will be the eyes and ears on the street, logging locations requiring improvements, such as littering or drunkenness, and work with relevant bodies to address any detected issues.

It supports the BID’s initiative to boost safety and security in York city centre and is part of the BID’s overall commitment to enhancing the city’s inviting atmosphere for all who visit, work, study and live in York.

Andrew Lowson, Executive Director of York BID, said:

“Following the success of other Ranger programmes in the UK, York BID has introduced a similar plan that we believe will positively impact the city’s businesses, locals and visitors alike. We want to specifically identify what needs improvement and in the long term, work with businesses and respond accordingly. This will benefit York’s welcoming spirit; we want shoppers and families to feel comfortable in the city centre, especially on evenings and weekends.”

Marc Allison, owner of the Artful Dodger on Micklegate, said:

“As a landlord, I see that the pubs have really stepped up to the mark in order to prevent the anti-social behaviour, however our authority stops at our door. It will be very welcome to have the Rangers to provide a visible deterrent to help stop the behaviour on the streets that we do not allow in our venues.”

This programme follows the success of the BID’s Greeters programme launched in August where greeters are positioned around the City Centre during the day and available to answer questions about directions and attractions, or provide suggestions such as what to visit or where to dine. For more information on The York BID, please visit

Eboracum’s new Patrol reporting software

Eboracum Security have invested in technology to enable a smooth reporting system for patrols, alarms and evidence gathering.

The software is cloud based and allows our employees to log in and begin a patrol tour. Each area patrolled is logged in real time. The system also allows for us to upload images, text and audio to the occurrence log. 

Another advantage of this system is that our customers are now able to login and see a real-time view of security activity at their site(s).

What features does the system have?

  • We can receive SOS alerts from our operatives and take immediate action
  • Monitor planned routes to ensure patrols are carried out on time as per the schedule
  • Automatic emailing of incident reports to customers
  • Manage patrols remotely in real-time
  • Export reports of such patrols/checks

We've already seen how effective this system is at keeping our customers up to date and maintaining an audit trail of patrols and checks.  We now integrate this into all of our new mobile patrol customers.

York Races 2016 – Are you prepared?

The 2016 York Racing season is upon us and now is the time for venues to consider their security options. 
The majority of the race meets are problem free and don’t have a massive impact on business in terms of crime & disorder however there is definitely a difference in atmosphere across the city.
Last year we provided security services at various venues, on top of our regular contracts. These included hotels such as Hotel 53, Park Inn & The Royal York Hotel. Our night time economy venues booked extra provisions too as a preventative measure.
Security operatives  don’t only provide a visual deterrent against disorder but also provide reassurance to regular customers.
Police presence is increased across the city in a bid to reassure residents and visitors and these officers are connected with our staff on the city center radio system which is also monitored by the council’s CCTV control

The dates for the 2015 York Race period are below…

Dante Festival 2015

Wed 11th May: Tattersalls Musidora Stakes
Thu 12th May: Betfred Dante Stakes
Fri 13th May: Yorkshire Cup

May Spring Meeting 2015

Sat 21st May: Stowe Family Law LLP Grand Cup

June Meeting 2015

Fri 10th June: Mid Summer Raceday
Sat 11th June: Macmillan Charity Raceday

John Smith’s Cup Meeting 2015

Fri 8th July: Summer Stakes
Sat 9th July: 56th John Smith’s Cup

Music Showcase Weekend 2015

Fri 22nd July: EBF Lyric Stakes and live music
Sat 23rd July: Sky Bet York Stakes and live music

Welcome to Yorkshire Ebor Festival 2015

Wed 17th August: Juddmonte International
Thu 18th August: Darley Yorkshire Oaks & Ladies Day
Fri 19th August: Coolmore Nunthorpe Stakes
Sat 20th August: Betfred Ebor Day

September Meeting 2015

Sun 4th September: The Press Family Raceday

October Meeting 2015

Fri 7th October: Countryside Raceday
Sat 8th October: Coral Sprint Trophy

To find out more about what we can do to prevent disorder/issues over the racing period at your site/venue please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

UPDATED: Licensed Premises Checklists

Here at Eboracum we like to work with our customer and potential customers to maintain compliance and protect vulnerable areas.
Based on our experience in the industry along with Alcohol Licensing instructors, we are publishing four checklists to help licensees to meet the four licensing objectives being:

  1. Prevention of Crime & Disorder - AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Public Safety (With Workplace Risk Assesment)- AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. Prevention of Public Nuisance - Coming Son
  4. Protection of children from harm - Coming Soon

The second objective's checklist will be published in a couple of days.


Here to help...

For support in implementing any of these actions please contact Eboracum on 08006441660 or

For Licensing Training (Personal license Holders), First Aid Training and/or H&S training in York please visit

York Floods- Our Story

Boxing Day 2015, well in the swing of festivities and looking forward to our January break following our biggest Christmas ever work wise. Our lovely neighbours (MOR Music) called us  and alerted us to water coming up from the drains in the yard outside our office.
I attended to find that the water was quickly rising and I was met by 5 colleagues who had already waded through the water into the office and started to salvage items.  

Wooden pallets had been placed in the yard to assist with entry/exit to the premises surrounding which includes residential flats, businesses and holiday lets.

At the back of my mind I knew that many other businesses and houses were about to be flooded. We have a business disaster recovery plan in place but I never expected to activate it due to the Foss flooding.

We prioritised data and files to enable continuity of the business. This was important because we are responsible for protecting our customer's people and property and we couldn't have any room for creating a vulnerability. The majority of customer and employee data was removed off site.

I made a judgement that the water wouldn't rise above ankle height (I was so wrong) so we lifted any other items onto desks and worktops in an effort to limit damage.  Our team then helped our neighbours to do the same - move their stock and equipment to higher levels. I was certain that we did everything we needed.

Later that night we returned to find that the river water had started to flood into our office. The yard outside was filling up fast. Our next attempt was to locate hessian sacks and fill them with sand in an attempt to create make-shift sandbags.

We were there until approximately 2am with this however our efforts were overpowered by the sheer amount of water, and the fact that it was coming up through the floor, not under the door!


[Flooding at peak]

[The first signs of water entering the office]


In my mind, I was sure that we had salvaged everything we needed to enable business continuity.  Luckily we use cloud based scheduling  and customer relationship management so we were still able to access essential information.

Inline with our business continuity plan, I made hard copies of all deployment activity in the event of an internet failure which proved to be vital when the BT exchange was flooded and all phone line/internet stopped working across York.

The BT exchange flooding had a massive knock-on affect and we soon learned that our resources would be stretched to the max. Our customer's alarm systems were sending signals to the alarm receiving centers regarding the phone line being down and generating a fault. This created high demand for us to respond to each call. We were inundated by non-customers requesting urgent emergency guarding of their premises to prevent risk of theft/damage and meet their insurers requirements. We were unable to get near some of our customer buildings due to the flooding on the roads/access points.

The next morning - 27th December I arrived at our office and couldn't even get into the yard. I used the rear entrance and waded through the flood water at waist height to gain access into our office to assess the damage. When I got into the office I was hit with frustration and felt physically sick at the fact that my business base was destroyed. We worked so hard to get things just how we needed them with a recent refurbishment only two months ago. I was settled by the fact that we were all safe and that its only property.  

The dirty silty water had reached the kitchen worktops, writing off everything up to that point.  I waded through the office and felt the carpets lifting up against my legs. I stopped and stood there for at least a minute in silence, not believing my eyes. I left the office and went home to my family.



[The flooded yard leading to our office]

[A floating bin and desk-top flooding  with items on top]

[The flooded sink/toilet area]

[Flooded kitchen to the work-tops still rising with items salvaged on top]


[My Wife and I wading in to salvage more items]


I told my wife about the office and unstoppable tears ran down my face. I was absolutely gutted. Not just because of the business, but because of what is happening to our city and how many people are affected. I couldn't begin to imagine what it would feel like if it was our home that was flooded.

I returned later with my lovely wife and Paul my ops manager. We waded in and salvaged any remaining items/paperwork due to damp setting in. The office was steaming and the ceiling tiles started to bow/warp with the damp rising from the water.

We left the offices to wait for the water to subside. For the next two nights we were deployed to our maximum to alarm calls, emergency guarding and mobile patrols.   The emergency services were out on cordons, pumping water and doing York Proud.


[Our team pumping out water at customer sites]

[Paul and I assessing the damage]

Our teams got hands on at our customer sites and assisted them through the night with pumping out water.

We had an operational nightmare on our hands as there are certain British Standards that we have to meet regarding certain processes. The office was set up to meet these security standards and I had to urgently find an alternative method.

I used social media to tell friends and family about what had happened at our Office. The response was amazing. I had messages of support, donations, offers to help with clear-ups and other business's offering temporary office space to us. I cannot thank these people enough.

We are in a fortunate position that the nature of our business means that we can continue to trade because we still deploy operatives onto customer sites.

By the 29th December the water had subsided and we re-entered the offices. What a mess. The once cream carpet now dark brown with a layer of silt, damp walls, wall paper curling off, warped ceiling tiles, everything stained up to waist height and rubbish splayed all over the place.

We left it a day or two and then cleared out the office completely of all our property.

I am very proud to have a team who I consider not only to be employees, but to be my friends who worked hard back to back shifts and really dedicated themselves to helping our business continue and also our customers business to continue.  
The office is now drying out and hopefully we will be back in soon.

I am completely overwhelmed by the kindness of the York community including the Latter Day Saints church in Acomb which was stocked to the roof full of cleaning supplies, shovels, wellies and other equipment that had been donated to help flood victims.

We had a vicar come directly to our office during the clear-out who offered his personal support to us.

We have had continuous support from Make It York / The City Of York council whereby making us aware of a grant that we are eligible for to help us get our office back up and running quickly.
I am very impressed with this support from the council who also provided skips for businesses to bin flood damaged items.

Thanks to York Hub for their support in providing us with a temporary hot-desk, MOR Music for name-dropping us on the one show, kind emails and support from our customers, messages from friends and family and our amazing team.

There are also the unsung heros to thank such as the creator of "York Floods 2015..." Facebook group which has generated an unprecedented amount of support from locals and non-locals.

I have learned not to underestimate the power of water and never underestimate the power of the York community.

Good luck to all those affected by the flooding - best wishes for a quick recovery  and Happy New Year!


Carl Nickson - Director

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