Shrinkage and loss is driven by Operational Failures (Deficiencies).

  • “Operational Failures” is defined as as:  Any fault in the design, implementation, operation, monitoring, and control of processes and procedures used within the retail environment.
  •  Operational failures can occur at any point in the supply chain from the manufacture thorough to the eventual sale of goods and sometimes further when items are returned/refunded.
  •  These failures can lead to, in some situations, circumstances or opportunities for both malicious and non malicious loss to occur.
  • Non Malicious loss is the hardest to detect and we often blame external theft as the cause.

We are able to provide a high level of structured security & loss prevention consultancy to any store.
During consultancy we create risk assessments, self assessments and S.M.A.R.T action plans in order to help combat losses & protect your staff.

We look outside the box and establish any operational failures that contribute to stock loss i.e. admin error, delivery error etc.

We fully understand the requirement for customer focus to be taken into account whilst making decisions and suggestions.

We can provide your business with a Loss Prevention Department with functions including:

  • Review security and loss prevention procedures, identify areas of weakness, recommend and where appropriate write/update procedures to meet the changing requirements of the store and employment &criminal law and Health & Safety Legislation.
  • Design, implement, drive and champion loss prevention training for new managers, current store management and staff as and when required.
  • Plan, commission and train staff on the use of security equipment, its benefits and understanding the role it plays in loss reduction.You will also be required to maintain an up to date knowledge of the security equipment available.
  • Benchmark departments within the store to make recommendations for improvement.
  • Action audits, measure the level of compliance/control and agree with Senior Store Management action to mitigate risk in areas of weakness.
  • Responsible for Security and the provision of operatives within store.

The consultancy package, will consist of some of the following:

  • Staff Training
  • Action Planning
  • Control Compliance Review
  • Asset management
  • Internal Loss Investigations
  • Risk assessments
  • Product recommendations
  • Staff Profiling
  • Mystery Shopping

Internal Loss Prevention

Internal loss happens in every business and it is essential that procedures are in place to reduce and prevent it.
As part of our consultancy package, we can provide internal loss prevention measures and services.

  • Staff locker checks
  • Staff bag checks
  • Staff vehicle checks
  • Integrity Tests
  • Staff Profiling
  • Staff Training
  • Policy and Procedure Implementation
  • Investigate losses due to stock or till shortages
  • Promote and maintain a culture of honesty

We can investigate and prevent all types of internal loss/fraud including discount fraud, theft, cash loss, credit refunds, cash refund fraud and breach of procedures.
We profile staff within the store, taking into consideration behavioral changes, staff card up to/over limits, friends visiting the store repeatedly, spending beyond their means.  
We also conduct integrity tests and utilise equipment such as covert cameras on a temporary or permanent basis. 
This can be put in place as a PROACTIVE or REACTIVE service and can be tailored to the needs of the client.

(Some guidance on this page is from the following: Source: "New Loss Prevention" by Colin Adrian Beck)