Often, the first contact with your customers is a Security Officer.
That’s why impressions and professionalism count. In line with our values, we pledge that all personnel supplied by Eboracum Security are of the highest standard and selected specifically for the clients needs based on their skill and experience.

Roles and responsibilities of a Security officer may include:

  • Visual Deterrent against theft
  • Protect staff personal safety against aggressive customers
  • Arrest and provide evidence re offenders
  • Control access to premises – ticket entry etc
  • Provide dynamic staff training
  • Completion of reports and paperwork
  • Unlock/Lockdown of premises
  • Provide excellent customer service




Typs of Manned Guarding:

  • Manned Guarding
  • Store Detectives
  • Loss Prevention Officer
  • Event Stewards
  • Corporate Security
  • Hotel Security
  • Open spaces & parks

  • Door Supervisors
  • Wedding Security
  • Meet & Greet or Helpdesk
  • Patrol Guards
  • Retail Response

This list is not exhaustive!

Following the directions from our clients, our officers understand individual business and security requirements. All services are tailored for the client.
Work undertaken by Security Officers is monitored through effective performance measures to ensure a high quality service is offered.

Our officers have a range of responsibilities from meeting/greeting your valued customers to taking emergency action where appropriate.