Protect People & Profits
Identify & Prevent Losses
Control Access & Egress
Unique customer service standards
Cut Out Work place aggression

Unique Approach

Retail security is a specialist area that requires a very unique approach to get it right.

We provide a balance between understanding the needs of the retail environment and carrying out the role of a security operative. 

We go the extra mile and integrate our team with the customer's team. This enables our operative(s) to understand the customer fully and be able to help with other tasks whilst at the same time providing secuity. We believe that Service Establishes Security  and the most important thing to deter incidents is verbal communications. All of our staff undergo conflict management training which equips them with skill to signal non-aggression and reduce a conflict situation. Appearance is very important and we allow our customers to decide on the requirements for uniform that meets their brand.



The covert option

We are experts in retail security. Our operatives have years of experience and a proven track record of being effective, discreet store detectives.
We are highly trained to identify Shoplifters, pick-pockets, and fraudsters. We use body language indicators to "pre-empt" a persons potential to commit crime.  Undercover store detectives are a subtle but effective way of keeping a closer eye on those individuals intent on stealing from you, your staff or your customers. Store detectives are plain clothed. They blend in with shoppers and actively survey the store. The physical application of the role is discreet and each decision is thought through prior to action. They are diplomatic and quick thinking.


We are highly skilled in this area of the industry and our performance is measurable. In relation to York, we have second to none local knowledge of known nominals and the different methods used to commit retail crime.
Our store detectives are fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority

We have a strict policy - if a detained person is non-compliant, we will not bring them back into the store. We consider being able to apprehend an offender without disrupting service as professional. Safety is paramount.

See us on Channel 4's Secrets of the Shoplifters...

A documentary was filmed in York all about shop theft.

Retail Response

Retail Response is a service where a retailer can call an Eboracum Security Operative to attend their store in the event of an incident. This is active during store opening hours. We have a number trained, SIA licensed security operatives in the city centre who all have very good local knowledge of the best route to take to get to our clients.

Objectives of the call-out service:

  • Protect staff from violence, intimidation and assault

  • Prevent Theft from external shop lifters

  • Apprehend and prosecute offenders

  • Leaves staff to deal with their customers

  • Provide reassurance to staff and enhance personal safety.