York – It’s In Our Name.

York – It’s In Our Name.

eb1York – It’s In Our Name.
Our approach is unique.  It’s not what we do, its how we do it.”

We play a fundamental part of York’s community. Our approach is unique because we actually care about the city.  We try our best to work with other organisations and authorities. In doing so, the joined-up approach means more effective ways to pool resources, knowledge and support.

 Who benefits from our approach?

  • The local business community
  • Local authorities
  • Town centre management & Shopping Centre management
  • Police
  • Residents & visitors to the town centre
  • Other agencies and organisations who have a responsibility to ensure our town and city centres are safe and secure.
  • Young people who are criminalised unnecessarily

Aims & Objectives of our approach

  • Reduce business crime and the feeling of vulnerability of crime to members of the public.
  • Help to identify and deter persistent offenders/trouble makers/offenders
  • Using information to increase vigilance in the city
  • Raises the profile and puts positive intervention on the agenda
  • Provide a service that allows more effective use of Police resources
  • Attempt to fulfil our moral obligations to reduce and prevent crime by educating, training and empowering
  • Contribute to securing the future and prosperity of the town/city centre
  • Promotes partnership working with local authorities
  • Promote a general feeling of being safe and secure.

Managing business crime risks has become a critical activity. Crime has a negative effect on the quality and use of our city centre.  These include:

  • Loss of custom due to crime and fear of crime, resulting in a loss in footfall and reduced profit
  • Loss of investment, leading to empty premises
  • Less choice for customers
  • Less employment opportunities
  • Less busy and deserted streets leads to a lowering of people’s perception of safety
  • difficulties in obtaining affordable insurance
  • knock-on effect and downturn for the local economy and community
  • A broken window approach – the more run down an area is, the more crime that happens because offenders assume that no-one is bothered to act.

How our approach contributes to Policing:

  • Emphasis on crime prevention and reducing the opportunity for crime to happen in the first place will potentially allow re-deployment of resources who can focus more serious incidents and other priorities.
  • Local knowledge of known nominal’s for all types of business crime puts us one step ahead.
  • Working very closely with the Police in order to allow a streamlined process for detection and prevention and provides a “best practice” guidance.

To hear more about what we do please feel free to get in touch any time – mail@eboracumsecurity.com or 0800 644 1660.