UPDATED: Licensed Premises Checklists

UPDATED: Licensed Premises Checklists

Here at Eboracum we like to work with our customer and potential customers to maintain compliance and protect vulnerable areas.
Based on our experience in the industry along with Alcohol Licensing instructors, we are publishing four checklists to help licensees to meet the four licensing objectives being:

  1. Prevention of Crime & Disorder - AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Public Safety (With Workplace Risk Assesment)- AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. Prevention of Public Nuisance - Coming Son
  4. Protection of children from harm - Coming Soon

The second objective's checklist will be published in a couple of days.


Here to help...

For support in implementing any of these actions please contact Eboracum on 08006441660 or mail@eboracumgroup.com.

For Licensing Training (Personal license Holders), First Aid Training and/or H&S training in York please visit www.EboracumTraining.com